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No dogs!


Katie and Jaia are having great fun at the playground, and Jessie wants to play too. But he can't...because he's a dog. Read and listen to a story about a dog who wants to go on the swings!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online

Imagine the best playground in the world. What is it like?

  • Where is it?
  •  What equipment is there? Are there swings, roundabouts, see-saws, springies, slides, climbing frames, tree houses or anything else?
  •  What else is in the playground? Are there picnic tables, a cafe or other facilities?
  •  What are the playground rules? 


MissSnowboardingFlute's picture

It is Amazing!!!
I love dogs!!
It is cute....

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the dog is very kind but the girl is bad

IndigoCreamJavelin's picture

The dog is very handsome.ha ha ha

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not bad, but it is not good

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 and i like it too!!!

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ı love dogs

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 wow can i come with you jessie it looks fun?

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what a naughty dog