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Welcome to Trolley Dash! You have sixty seconds to collect everything on your shopping list. Finish in time and move to the next level.
Listen to a song about things we can do to help to save the planet.
Your turn
Your Turn: School
Tell us all about your school. What are the best and the worst things about your school? 
Short stories
It's five o'clock in London. What time is it in other parts of the world? What are other children doing at this moment?
Word games
Play a word game to learn and practise places to live vocabulary.
Video zone
Do you know what you can do to help the environment? Watch the video to find out how to change the world in five minutes a day!

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23 September, 2016 - 15:09
Hi everybody, my name is Penguin. today I'm going to talk about my school. There are many classrooms and students. I have many subjects. I like Maths, English and Vietnamese. I love my school very...
23 September, 2016 - 15:09
I like this story. It's very emotional
23 September, 2016 - 15:09
My favourite season is summer because i have holiday and i go to beach with my family