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Listen to a song about a duke, his soldiers and a dragon!

How much money is in your money box today? Listen to a song about a boy, his money box, and the things he buys.

What animals has Old MacDonald got on his farm? What noise do they make? Listen to the song Old MacDonald had a farm and find out.

A horrible monster has locked the princess up in a tower. Can anybody rescue her?

What would you like to do when you grow up? Here's a song about different jobs.

Katie and Jaia are on a school trip with the other children in their class. They're visiting the Planet Earth Museum. Visit the museum with them, and learn lots about our planet.

It's spring in the forest and the animals are waking up. But where is Bruno the bear?

The trees are different in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Listen to a song about the four seasons.

"Hickory, dickory dock, The mouse ran up the clock". Listen to a traditional children's song.

Who is in the Tooth Family? Listen to the family sing! Try some activities and learn about teeth and how to look after them.